40% of my work has come from people using free website builders.


Because they NEVER deliver what they promise. Sure they might sound good at first. "A free website?..I was going to pay someone to build one for me! Lets go!!"

But when it comes right down to it. Prepare for all kinds of frustration. ALL KINDS!

And lets say your persistent, get any developer to look at your code after and they will all tell you the same thing

You need to start again.

You've just wasted a LOT of time, plus most of these "free" website builders aren't actually free.

You want alt tags on your images? That's another $2 per month.

Oh you want a meta description? That's going to cost another $5 per month.

Pretty soon the price starts adding up on many of these website builders and you start to regret not paying someone to do it for you.

Here's a pretty good article going into more depth: https://www.brightwhitespace.co.uk/5-reasons-choose-custom-website/



This article is going to explain the whole process of adding images into your WordPress posts and pages in a very simple manor so that you can manage your own website with ease!

Check it out: https://418design.co.uk/wordpress-inserting-images-using-the-media-manager/

This is an interesting article urging people to keep onto of their online presence: https://liftedlogic.com/why-you-should-update-your-website/